Gaby Peterson

Owner / Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

Hi Everyone! Welcome to EnerG Fitness. My name is Gaby, and I am a wife, mother to three teenagers 13, 15, and 17 and a few fur babies. I am a real estate agent by day and help my husband with a few other endeavors.

Almost eight years ago, I had a dream to create a fitness community in our area that would lean into and empower each other to reach their goals. Through the ups, downs, the changes along the way, I would do it all over again. What started as a room has expanded into multiple rooms and a second location.

As an instructor, I am certified in various formats but currently, I am focusing on strength based classes, and yoga. I love creating a space for my clients that is inviting, motivating and challenging. When attending my classes, depending on the format, you can expect my dancing, signing and of course lots of fun!

When I am not on the mat, you can find me hiking with my dogs, reading, watching my kids pursuing their passion and enjoying my time with family and friends. I am beyond grateful to my instructors (past and present), for everyone who has and continues to support EnerG Fitness, we hope you join our fit fam soon!