Gaby Peterson

Owner / Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

As the owner of EnerG Fitness I would like to begin by thanking you for the opportunity to serve you, for your trust, and for allowing myself and my instructors to follow our passion and see it transcend into something bigger than ourselves. It fills me with joy and love to see everything that we have become all thanks to you!

When I first opened the doors I had ideas, I had dreams and aspirations and although all very exciting–this path has taught and rewarded me with so much more. I have seen transformations that have become my own, I have listened, cried and laughed with people who have become my closest friends. I have seen relations formed, people become happier and confident and that to me is the biggest reward this business has brought us as a community, life long friends or what we like to refer to as our “Fit Fam.”

I have been instructing since March 2014, Although, I hold various certifications I am currently only instructing Power Vinyasa and Barre. As a wife to a loving and supportive husband and a mother of three beautiful children who are 10,12, and 14 they sure do keep me busy. I enjoy leading my amazing team of instructor who are phenomenal and who you must meet! I recently embarked into a new profession as a real estate agent and I am excited to learn and reach new relationships! When I am not working, I enjoy the practice of yoga, running, soccer, dancing and reading!