Alli Henderson

Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

My name is Alli Henderson. I am an ACE certified group fitness instructor and have been instructing classes since 2020. I am a recent graduate from Central Michigan University, where I started my GFI career, teaching classes on campus to other CMU students. In December 2021, I received my bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a major in both School Health and Physical Education, and began my teaching career as a P.E. teacher in the 2022-2023 school year!

My group fitness journey began when I attended my first class at EnerG in 2017. Since then, my love for group fitness has only grown, and after attending many classes as a client I decided to get my GFI certification in January of 2020. Although I started my GFI career elsewhere, I am excited to be back home, teaching classes at EnerG where it all began.

When I’m not at the studio or in the classroom, I also coach cheerleading, enjoy spending time with friends and family, traveling, kayaking, photography and scrapbooking, shopping, and watching movies. Health and fitness are my passion. I have always enjoyed exercising and eating healthy, and I want to spread my love and passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle to all my future students and clients!